RIP Spotlight

RIP Spotlight – Kristie S.

Before we start a new RIP session this coming week, let’s take a look at another strong RIP participant. Meet Kristie.

I don’t remember exactly how I met Kristie. It had to be in one of my fitness classes at Turning Pointe when I first started in early 2016 (OMG. It’s been over 3 years already!).  I just don’t remember the exact moment. What I do remember is that she was willing to come to the front row. In a fitness class, that’s HUGE! There are only a select few that WANT to be in the front row. Thanks for being brave, Kristie!

Kristie heard about RIP from attending some of my other Turning Pointe fitness classes. She also heard about RIP through THE Facebook (shout out to my friend Trisha B right there) and Turning Pointe’s Facebook page. There is a video on Turning Pointe’s Facebook page on what RIP is all about if you need more info, click here.  Kristie was immediately interested because her workouts have always lacked in strength training. She was a self proclaimed, “cardio queen” and somewhat intimidated by weights. Once she started RIP last September, she was immediately hooked! Choreographed strength training without going into the “scary” weight room…..SIGN HER UP :).

Also, maybe we can talk about why the weight room is scary in another edition. That’s a good subject to cover.

Kristie has always known the importance of strength training, but didn’t incorporate it into her workouts consistently.  Let me tell ya, she’s been rockin’ it. RIP has helped her push herself to the next level of fitness. Kristie said she gets excited when she decides to add more weight to the bar throughout the 8 week RIP session. One scoop of RIPPED coming right up!

I get excited too! We keep a tracker for each RIP session. It identifies the weight we use on the barbell for each track/body part in class . Clients will write notes on how they feel physically and mentally during class. Sometimes, they tell me how they feel about me. LOL! We also use this tracker to communicate back and forth on things to work on. After each class, I check the tracker to see what they are up to. I write little notes that (hopefully) help motivate them.

She said she is a work in progress (we definitely all are) hoping to get stronger each class. I can tell you that she is. I keep each tracker. I have the one she used over a year ago so I can watch progress. Look at her comparisons below (total lbs on bar):

One year ago: Today:

Legs – 20lbs 45lbs

Chest – 16lbs  30lbs

Back – 20lbs  40lbs (BEAST MODE!!! And…it’s her favorite RIP track!)

Triceps – 10lbs  25lbs

Biceps  – 15lbs  20lbs (P.S. She doesn’t like the Bicep track we just got done doing. I know a lot of her RIP friends will agree about the very challenging bicep track. Actually, I think I heard a few cuss words come out of her mouth….just sayin’. )

Shoulders – 10lbs  20lbs

Dang Kristie!! Keep it up, girl!

I asked Kristie who she would bring to RIP class if she could. Like a good daughter, she said she would bring her mom.  Good choice, Kristie! I love hanging out with my mom too. Maybe we will incorporate a special RIP class when she comes into town. 🙂

Kristie is all about fitness classes. She rarely misses a class. She loves fitness classes so much, she certified under me to teach TDF Kick class. How awesome that she has her own class now (it’s been over 2 years people…but still!!) I’m super proud of her, her work ethic, and her accomplishments. Way to rock it, Kristie!

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