RIP Spotlight

RIP Spotlight: Ashley P.

This is one woman you want in your cheering section. She keeps our late class “alive” with her cheering, grunting, weight dropping, and her lively spirit. She pushes herself to the next level and cheers you on while doing the workout right along aside you. For those reasons and many more, I am privileged to have this strong, enthusiastic, and loving woman in my class.

Meet Ashley.

Ashley has a great transformation story. A story that has taken a lot of determination and hard work. A lot of work that didn’t come easy or quickly. A transformation that she should be proud of.

In the picture on the left, Ashley knew this wasn’t the way she wanted to live her life after feeling exhausted all day long. She had a hard time carrying her 2 year old and that was motivation for her to start eating healthy and working out.

She was working out 3-4x a week doing fitness classes such as Pound, TDF Kick, and Zumba Strong. All great classes. She heard about the new RIP class coming to Turning Pointe Fitness in one of Turning Pointe’s TDF Kick classes. She was intrigued. She had come a long way with her weight loss and hit a plateau. She new barbell strength training would help her move past that hurdle.

Ashley was one of the first people to sign up for RIP. It has been almost a year and she is still rocking it! When she first started, she started with 15lbs total on the bar for the Legs track (mostly squats). Guess what she did last week? 40lbs on the bar. 40lbs. If that doesn’t seem like a lot to you….look at this way. We do 106 squats with the weight of your choice in 4 minutes at different tempo changes, range of motion, isometric holds, and less than 25 seconds of rest throughout the whole song. It’s not easy. I’m so proud of her for taking the initiative to move up in weight. Also, she started with Level 1 Tricep push-ups. She now rocks Level 3 Tricep push ups. Ashley is #beastmode!

Ashley’s greatest benefit from starting RIP class is seeing the strength she is building in her muscles #musclegains. We track how much weight we put up each class and she loves the control she has to make decisions to move up/down in weight. She also notices her endurance. She lasts longer (not wanting to take as many breaks) during the leg tracks. She has also learned to love lunges :). I’m sure she will tell you that she still hates them but she does a fantastic job faking it. LOL!

Ashley’s favorite RIP tracks for this current session is Back and Biceps. For anyone interested in strength training classes, Ashley would love for you to join her! RIP will be a part of Silver Bell Hollow Farm Fit on July 13th. Sign up here. Turning Pointe Fitness will also be hosting a demo day coming up before the next RIP sign up in late July.

Ashley – I love the enthusiasm you bring to each class. I know you’re a hard working mama just trying to live your best life for your most prized possessions; yourself and your family. This is your best life. You are a great role model, mother, wife, and friend. Keep it up, lady!