RIP Spotlight

RIP Spotlight – DeAnna B.

Let’s continue on to highlight my client’s success; no matter what type of platform. Whether I talk with them individually, a shout out in front of the class, or yell with admiration on social media, their success is part of my happiness and fulfillment of purpose. Go ahead and be inspired by it. It’s a nice feeling!

Meet DeAnna.

In the past, DeAnna never enjoyed working out like she does now. She intentionally schedules it to be part of her day. For her, as well as many others, exercise is a stress relief.

About a year ago, DeAnna’s best friend introduced her to group exercise classes at The Turning Pointe. THANK YOU DeAnna’s best friend!!!  Prior to that, her workouts consisted of group fitness with her teacher friends after school, at home elliptical and treadmill workouts, and training with her mom and sister for three half marathons that they competed in for fun. Awesome! Way to be active, DeAnna!

DeAnna heard about the new RIP class we were bringing to Turning Pointe one night after my TDF Kick class. DeAnna was all about it! She knew it would be the perfect class for her to keep her accountable. Even though she has weights and kettlebells at home, she never seem to get to them for a workout. She noticed she was too tired or out of time. If she did incorporate it into her workout, she seemed to rush through it. I bet some of you can relate! That’s the thing…DeAnna noticed a weakness in her strength training workouts. She knew she needed them and when the right time came along, she did something about it. Kudos to you, DeAnna! It’s hard for people to notice their habits and to take action to make it better.

DeAnna was part of the initial RIP group. She has been with me from the very start and still going strong at 29 weeks. When we launched RIP, we only launched one day a week. DeAnna loved the first 8-week session and was ecstatic when we added a second RIP class to the week. DeAnna has noticed that her arms, shoulders, and legs have more shape to them.  Another difference she has noticed is how much her body strength increased.  There is absolutely no doubt about that. DeAnna is super sweet. pretty quiet, and she thinks she is barely noticeable in the back row. All I can think of is, “DAMN that woman is on FIYYAAAHHH! Look at her GO!” On our legs track, she started with 15lbs total on the bar. Guess what she puts up now? 35lbs! For the triceps track, she started with 5lbs on the bar. She now reps out 15lbs! This work is hard, my friends. We do nearly 130 squats on the leg track!

Another accomplishment DeAnna is proud of is her ability to do push-ups again.  A couple of years ago, she fell off a horse and broke her wrist.  OUCH! She had to have a bone and plate put in and the doctor told her she would probably never be able to do another push-up. Well, guess what. She CAN and she ROCKS them out.

Throughout all of the RIP sessions, DeAnna’s favorite RIP songs are always the shoulder and leg ones. If she likes those…let me tell ya….she is one strong woman!  DeAnna is the epitome of her favorite quote: “Sweat, Smile, Repeat”. She works hard. Never complains (well, not to me anyway :)). She rarely misses a class.

I’m so glad DeAnna jumped at the opportunity to join RIP.  She is a great role model as a teacher and class participant. I love watching her progress and can’t wait to see where it goes! Keep up the great work, DeAnna!

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