RIP Spotlight

RIP Spotlight – Kristina V.

In all my years of training,  I have yet to finish a week and not look at the world in a new way. The change isn’t just physical appearance, it’s mental…the true beauty. I get to see the determination, motivation, inspiration. I feel my clients’ energy, power, and confidence. All of which are heroic characteristics to me. In fact, all of my clients are my heroes.  Who else can say they get to train with their heroes everyday? I do!   

Part of my mission as a fitness professional is to always highlight my clients success; no matter what type of platform. Whether I talk with them individually, a shout out in front of the class, or yell with admiration on social media, their success is part of my happiness and fulfillment of purpose. And, I think you will be inspired by it.

Meet Kristina.

Kristina loves group fitness classes. She has attended Zumba, Yoga, Water Aerobics, and Pound. She is also an avid Facebook follower of Turning Pointe Fitness Studio that has awesome classes! Kristina was searching for a guided strength training class that wouldn’t be intimidating. Her goal was to lose inches and she knows that strength training is where it’s at! Kristina caught the live video discussion about RIP before it was debuted at Turning Pointe. That live video gave her confidence to sign up for the class!

Kristina joined RIP 24 weeks ago. RIP class is held in the basement at Turning Pointe and she brightens up the dark room with her smile. Not only does she light up the room, she is on fire with the weights! She started with a total of 5lbs on the bar. Guess where she is now? 30lbs!!!! How awesome is that!?!?!? Not only is that weight increase impressive, Kristina rarely misses a class. And you know what? She does TWO classes a week and STILL rarely misses a class. She is definitely one you want as an accountability partner. All these classes have taught her the importance of correct form when performing strength training exercises. She’s a wealth of knowledge now!

Kristina mentioned that RIP class benefits her because it’s a full body workout.  She is also surprised at how much longer she can endure strength training which allows her to push harder.

Kristina wants to tell anyone that is nervous about trying RIP; don’t be! She was nervous but she took the first step out of her comfort zone. You can too. Once you get started, all those nerves will wash away. And you will OWN that barbell. 🙂

I’m so glad Kristina took that first step to join RIP. Her mom, Maggie, comes to RIP class with her. I absolutely LOVE that! Kristina is a joy to have in class. She especially keeps me on track with our beloved lunge song. 😉 Keep up the good work, Kristina!