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Needle me? Yes, Please!

You Do Not Have to Suffer Any Longer!

I wanted to follow up on my post from a few Saturday’s ago (See post here). I was suffering from neck and shoulder pain that started the day prior and progressively got worse that same night. I started with achy traps. By the end of the day, the range of motion in my neck was not “normal”. Today, I just want to tell you the steps I went through to get this pain remedied. At one time or another, we have all suffered from muscle stiffness and achiness. Maybe this post will help you to look further and try other options?

At the chiro with 2nd day pain

I was super happy when a fellow fitness instructor commented on my “Mama is DOWN” Facebook post and mentioned dry needling. Say what? Needles? OMG!!! I HATE needles. I cringe and get dizzy thinking about it. However, I was in so much pain, I was looking for ANYTHING to remedy this nuisance. After my rowing practice (that I didn’t participate in) Saturday morning, I went to Discover Chiropractic for an adjustment. I’m there once or twice a month usually. I also receive 1-2 massages per month. This is what I choose to do to maintain my sanity and stay healthy. I teach 7-9 fitness classes per week and that doesn’t include my own workouts. I am rough on my body and chiropractic care and massage therapy HELP me tremendously. Saturday morning, I got adjusted and received muscle stim and therapy using the Rapid Release Tool. Side note: I hate that tool…but it works. My adjustment and therapies were AWESOME but I was not cured…nor, did I expect to be. This is not my first rodeo but this was also not a normal ache and muscle pain for me.

The following night (Sunday – Day 3), I got a massage from Kat at Luminous Massage. She is my #1. I started going to Kat when I was pregnant with Cohen in 2015. I LOVE HER. She fit me in at the end of her 9 hour day and that massage was STILL pure sweetness. God Bless HER!!! A few hours later my trap and neck started to tighten up again. DANG!!! What was going on!?!?! Earlier on Sunday, I had made an appt with Mike Wright at Rock Valley Physical Therapy on Cedarwood Dr in Muscatine for a Monday morning appointment. Remember the fitness instructor who mentioned Dry Needling on my post….yes, we’re back to that point now. And, YES, I drove my butt from Rock Island to Muscatine. I was so desperate for relief. I also needed relief because I had a rowing competition in less than a week and needed to practice more for it. I couldn’t even think about anything more than the pain I was feeling. I needed the pain to STOP!

Again, needles are NOT my thing. I made sure Mike new every detail about me so he was aware that I *MIGHT* pass out even thinking about the  needles that are getting poked into my skin. Mike reassured me that I would be fine and that I wouldn’t even SEE the needle. Hell, I didn’t even notice he put the needle into my skin. I DID notice once that needle hit the muscle. Did it feel good? Not exactly. Was it worse than labor pain? Absolutely not. I tolerated it. It was fine. I didn’t feel the need to jump off the table, or cry, or pass out. The treatment lasted less than 10 minutes. I got needled in my trapezius, levator, and some neck muscles I can’t pronounce. Mike was SO professional. He is very skilled and knowledgeable at his job. There is NO doubt that I will drive to Muscatine every time I need this therapy.

So, the next day, as Mike informed me, I felt bruised. BUT, I also felt better.
Was the pain completely gone? No. However, I went from a level 10 to a level 5. So…that was nice. Does that end my therapy? Nope. I chose to do another
chiropractic adjustment and a massage on Wednesday (Day 6). That brought my pain level down to a 4. I had another appt for needling that Friday (Day8) before my Saturday rowing competition. Due to ice and nasty weather, I decided to cancel. I decided to row anyway on Saturday. Whether I was standing doing nothing or rowing, the pain (at a level 4) was still the same. P.S. We did awesome if you didn’t see my social media posts (see post here).

I kept my needling appt for Monday. Did I need it? Yes. I wanted to be 100% back to normal. The treatment wasn’t expensive (MY co pay + $15) so I decided to do it again. My shoulder and neck were not to my liking so it needed to be done. I did not regret it. OH BOY…that 2nd Monday (Day 11)appointment was worth it!
Tuesday (Day 12), I felt bruised again…but not as bad as the first time. I still was able to get my workout in. Actually, you need to keep it loose. It’s now Wednesday (Day 13) and I’m 100%. I think all 3 of the therapies I
chose to do to relieve this pain worked for me. However, I will not WASTE
one hour without making my appt for dry needling as soon as I need it. I
think I could have cut down my whining time by a week. Seriously.

Thank you, Mike! Thanks for making me feel as comfortable as possible. Thank you for taking the time to listen and understand. I hope more people seek this type of treatment and have the same awesome results that I experienced.

Thank you all for reading this and to reaching out to me while I was “down”.
Thank you to Dana for reading and commenting life changing information on my Facebook post! 🙂 I’m so grateful!!!

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